[Request] Central American creators

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2021.10.24 16:46 Mister_Roshi64 [Request] Central American creators

Looking for creators in/from Central America. Preferably if they are bilingual and rate cocks/make custom vids.
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2021.10.24 16:46 no_username_taken This product is not supported

Hey Guys,
I have been trying to use adobe Zii on Adobe Lightroom (from the appstore and also older versions from 2019) with Adobe Zii 7 and 6.1.6 and it always tells me that this product is not supported. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.24 16:46 Chesebpi AP Sej jungle thoughts

as the title suggest I wanted to know if AP can be good in the jungle seeing that she is quite viable in mid but I wanted to ask you guys or gals od your opinion
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2021.10.24 16:46 chowder_pants [SELL][US] Ghost Ship Scentporium sample pack

Ghost Ship Scentporium is a indie house out of Chicago. Their fragrances are worked around haunted places and notorious people from around the city. These samples are all 5ml roller balls, with only 1 swipe worn from each. 11 samples for $60 (PayPal G&S) including shipping to ConUSA.
Included are:
Che Che Pin Qua
Friendly Confines
Ghosts of Joliet
Edmund Fitzgerald
Bachelors Grove
Hill House
Dunwich Nights
Enemy No. 1
These are very well crafted unisex fragrances. I find them a leaning a little too feminine for my taste. DM's preferred over chat please
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2021.10.24 16:46 Vy_K1ng "girlflux-nonbinary" furry vtuber

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2021.10.24 16:46 NORDLAN Florida's top doctor refuses mask, is told to leave meeting

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2021.10.24 16:46 Theduke734 What’s everyone’s set up, cash or points?

I’m curious what everyone’s set up is and if you prefer cash or points? I’m running with the Amex Gold and Platinum (CS version) and Hilton Aspire. I put food on the gold, gas and non category on the aspire and travel on the platinum. I’m in the points game now, but like that I can move to cash back if I want cashing out to the Schwab Plat. If I were to go full cash back I would swap out my Aspire card and start using my PenFed 2% card. I will always keep the Aspire, as it pays for itself then some, and the Plat I am close to knocking out the annual fee with credits I would use anyhow. Curious to see what others do?
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2021.10.24 16:46 JustLikeBraden BERDSMP [A fun, loving community. Have fun with friends]

Welcome to BerdSMP, here we make sure everyone is included, as long as you follow our rules. If you would like to join, you may do so by joining our discord server.
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2021.10.24 16:46 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+6887) My brother sent me his dog's Halloween costume, Dogatello...

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2021.10.24 16:46 Middle-Leader-2293 Is gambling a sin?

I grew up in a very strict Christian home with Pentecostal teachings.
Throughout the years, I’ve heard several preachers say that gambling is a sin.
I’ve been playing lottery when I can afford to. Sometimes I’m ok with it but sometimes I feel guilty.
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2021.10.24 16:46 muciburrahman 584

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2021.10.24 16:46 ctrl_alt_del_ Let’s go boys!

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2021.10.24 16:46 Glutekween Everyone needs an AK

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2021.10.24 16:46 unstable-banana just wanted to share my husband’s plants that he’s been working very hard on :) going to be our first harvest

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2021.10.24 16:46 MoonsterII W/F/L really happy with this trade!

Me: nm dream preset fay // 2mut partally white hex.
Them: Fm defualt hex // random 1mut sau
View Poll
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2021.10.24 16:46 BobaFett313 Nico Daws interview on InGoal Magazine’s podcast

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2021.10.24 16:46 Mentine_ My gerbilq just had a '' fight"

My two gerbil (Gin and Fizz) never really got along in comparison of my two dead gerbils (tequila and whisky) .
This morning I saw Gin hiding in a long roll of pq and making noise when Fizz was nearby. It happened before (role reversed and Fizz was hiding in the roll which leaded to their nest) and when I removed the roll nothing happened so today I did the same thing except that they didn't react the same way as before.
Fizz began to run after gin until she ran for 2-3 seconds in there wheel, then they stopped and looked and each other and Fizz attacked Gin again. I had to separate them, while doing I notice that Fizz was really '' excited" she wanted ran on my two arms, tried to go down until I put her in their play ground. She was very stressed (which is weird since it's her who attacked the other??) and Gin was a bit stressed but began to calm down quite easily and only looking at me from time to time.
I put Fizz in a small old cage and she take 15/30 minutes to finally calm down and stop to run every where
They aren't hurt nor did they loose any fur
Also : yesterday Fizz had some sexual comportement with Gin (which happened with tequila and whisky without any fight like this) . Is it a fight or their hormones?
They are quite young (2-3 months )
What do I do? Fizz is still the cage since 10 am and it's nearly 10 pm here
Not a native speaker
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2021.10.24 16:46 IjustMadeThisCuzXqc Car fire at my local grocer (Short vid)

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2021.10.24 16:46 Hkshanahan 7561 5171 4048 - Looking for gifts. Please send!

7561 5171 4048
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2021.10.24 16:46 SantiagoSchw Games to cheer you up on a Sunday afternoon

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2021.10.24 16:46 Eden1150 (F 30) guess my favorite Anime character

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2021.10.24 16:46 YOUNG_ORKOS99 YOUNG MODELLO

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2021.10.24 16:46 Poguelife TDL The House Always wins

What are the purposes of the Shroud Values in the three main locations (Ie Lounge, Bar, Gambling room), if the clues there are “0” anyway?
Another question is if this Scenario renders the card “Seeking Answers” ineffective? I have the Pit Boss onto Rex Murphy in the Bella Luna, and drew Seeking answers in round 2. I want to use it to get around the pit boss’s trigger and find a clue in the lounge (a connected location). There’s a shroud value for all the locations but unfortunately the mechanics of this scenario want you to get clues by unconventional means it would appear.
So the Seeking Answers obsolete?, and purpose of Shroud Values questions are kind of inter related. Please help me understand better :). Thx
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2021.10.24 16:46 Ashamed-Poetry-8991 Realistic price 2025

What do you guys think the realistic price is for 2025?
No bullshit pumpers, genuine replies only. 60? 80? $500?
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2021.10.24 16:46 Use_AdBlock_OnReddit Be Careful of Advice you Receive Online... There is a lot of out dated information that people continue to spread

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