reading posts on saplings about 15 year olds smoking and nobody calls it out as a bad idea

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2021.10.24 15:15 fentimelon reading posts on saplings about 15 year olds smoking and nobody calls it out as a bad idea

so fucking scary to think that drug blinds you so much that you won't call our a CHILD using weed. The confirmation bias and denial is so real and fuck me I got downvoted to shit as everyone there is very pro weed themselves.
only 1 month in my own sobriety but I knew for much longer I needed to stop. maybe I'm projecting but if I were that kid I would have wanted to have been told the truth by at least someone.
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2021.10.24 15:15 reidksmith Ryzen 5600x cooler: Looking for RGB, silent, and minimum space use - AIO v Air?

Hey all, experienced PC builder here, but recently rebuilt the PC in a way that emphasizes aesthetics more than I have in the past. I currently have a Noctua U14S, which is more overkill for my 5600X than the 1800X it replaced.
System: Ryzen 5600X, no OC, only occasional video coding and CPU intensive operations, but mostly 4K gaming with my 3080. Good airflow and plenty of space in my NZXT 710i. Anything under $150 will work. Wishlist: Tasteful RGB with a horizonal RGB fan mount if air cooling, near silent operation, and small form factor.
Frontrunners would be Dark Rock TF2 and I'd replace the stock with an RGB fan. Also considered the AMD Wraith Prism. Ultimately, I think both of these solutions will take up more space and be louder than I want, but I'm having trouble finding any first hand reviews of these two that discuss volume.
I don't have any real experience with water cooling. There are plenty of NZXT or Corsair options (already have their RGB stuff), options if I want to go that way, and I'm sure I could use anything they have... but how will the noise level compare to downdraft/horizontal fan air coolers?
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2021.10.24 15:15 Current_Ranger231 Help

Hello guys, i have v1.5.2 of assetto corsa, and i've downloaded some car mods from assettoland. When i join a map with the modder car, the car has 0 sound. Any suggestions of rezolving it?
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2021.10.24 15:15 Vivid_Ad_6470 Why didn’t achievement (Saxons Everywhere, Unite!) fire?

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2021.10.24 15:15 popcornboiii What We Know About the Alec Baldwin Situation

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2021.10.24 15:15 SmellyCat0007 Pure Css Animated Moth

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2021.10.24 15:15 taohuaspring FYI Privacy Policy of Shining Nikki

This is just a PSA about the Privacy Policy of Shining Nikki for users who are concerned about data privacy. There are a few concerning points, as listed below. Of course, it is a free game so some data collection and advertising is to be expected, but I was surprised that even GPS data is collected as well.

Information collected automatically:
Information searched for or viewed when you use our services, e.g. web search terms you use, URL address of social media pages you access, other information and details that you browse or are required to be provided when you access our services;
Location information, which means information on your location collected when you start the positioning function and use our location-based services, including:
Information of your geographic location collected via GPS or WiFi when you use our services with your positioning-based mobile device;
Real-time information containing your location provided by you or other users, e.g. your location contained in your account information, shared information uploaded by you or others showing your current or previous location, or geographic tags contained in photos shared by you or others;
Source: Shining Nikki Privacy Policy
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2021.10.24 15:15 __ineffable This looks delightful 🤨

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2021.10.24 15:15 JeremiahUk Stand Up Comedy-Girl Advice

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2021.10.24 15:15 Dangerous_Fox3246 Dr. Jack Bright when warhead goes off

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2021.10.24 15:15 Aggressive_Cat9323 I (16F) don’t know if things are salvageable, but I don’t know how to communicate with my boyfriend (17M)

I kinda just needed to vent here with the potential for advice. TW for brief mentions of SA.
My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. It’s been messy, it has been less than ideal. For starters, there were allegations against him that apparently everyone knew about except for me that I found out about a few weeks into us dating. I was going to break up with him over them but after seeing some more evidence from his side (namely that the person he allegedly assaulted still makes romantic and sexual advances on him over text) and receiving some comfort from my mom and spending more quality time with him things were okay again for a while.
And then they weren’t okay, because I found out he’d been sort of cheating on me for the entirety of our relationship. He’d been talking to me and another girl at the same time and after we had been official he never made it clear to the other girl that we were together. She spent two months going out with him (on outings he said were nothing like dates) while he was just trying to find a way to let her down easy. He had refused to make things official with her at the very least, but said he would “love t be official in the future”. Obviously this was upsetting. A few weeks after I found out, we were going through each other’s messages in a lighthearted manner and I found his messages with the other girl. He had been calling her pet names, talking to her in ways that you wouldn’t talk to just a friend, and his only response was that he “should’ve deleted the messages” beforehand. I chose to forgive him but have been really cautious about his friendships with women/potential romantic interests since, especially because I told him multiple times to clear things up with her and he assured me he would before she found out through whatever other means.
He did admit he had her as a backup plan, at least sort of, but claimed he didn’t remember why he lead her on and that it was just a possibility. He gets upset if I bring it up because he feels guilty, and gets even more upset if I refer to it as cheating. Still, he brings up all of his ex girlfriends, including her, while on our dates. He’ll say “oh, [girl] lives down this way” or “no we can’t go there, I went there with [girl] once”. I play off any upset as a joke.
Things have been a lot better recently; this all happened within the first 3 months and ever since then it’s only been little things. He tends to cancel or be late for plans, and while it’s upsetting, it’s usually over things he can’t help like family obligations or mental health. I have lost most of my friends because they don’t like him for either personal reasons or reasons in conjunction to the allegations previously mentioned, so I do feel rather isolated because now I pretty much only hang out with him or my best friend. He does make a lot of comments that are probably sarcastic but still tend to hurt me and is generally kinda inconsiderate (ie “we can’t kiss at school, what about my reputation”, “it’s theatre or me”, and when I said it makes me happy, “but don’t you want to make your hubby happy?”, playfully slapping me forgetting that I had my wisdom teeth removed a day or two prior, etc. etc.).
As much as things suck sometimes, I love him a lot and the thought of breaking up with him kills me. He’s my first love, first kiss, first of a lot of things. He can be really great and is always super sweet and respectful and when it matters. I think he loves me too, even though it’s hard to believe because of past stuff, and if he’s not also upset he’s willing to comfort me. It just feels like I’m putting in a lot of effort and here I’m not getting any back. I’m always the one cancelling things to spend time with him, I’m always the one making plans, I’m always the one gettin cancelled on, always the one giving gifts. He does give me rides since I don’t drive but that’s about it for his selflessness. I hust don’t know how to bring it up without hurting his feelings, even though I know I have to if I want things to work out (which i do, I do believe he loves me past all his fuckups).
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2021.10.24 15:15 tactical_fortapelse The chimney I see from my window [X100V]

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2021.10.24 15:15 bizarroleague Lamp identification. Bought this at a yard sale a couple years ago. Any guesses on what time era it’s from?

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2021.10.24 15:15 Acrobatic-Strength43 Sinclair Vs jadon?

So I've currently have the patent Sinclair croc style. I cannot get the bridge to break no matter what I try, I got them in a size 6 because my 4 other pairs of docs are all a 6, I've never had patent, is it just notoriously hard to break in?
I'm at the point where I'm pretty much don't trying but still love the platform, would you recommend to go to Jadon's or soft leather Sinclair's ?
All thoughts welcome please?
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2021.10.24 15:15 l3Lu3b3rr1 This guy really wants back on tv

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2021.10.24 15:15 Compote_Imaginary No CTF checkbox ?

Hey guys . I just install FT on my router. Apparently, after using this firmware i realise i lose alot of internet speed. Before this im sitting at around 500-600+ down but this time round its around 200. I did some googling and such, it did mentioned to turn on CTF. So i wanted to test it but i cant seem to find it under Advance>Misc .
Router: RT-AC66U
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2021.10.24 15:15 CoffeeRare2437 Looking for app that deletes cookies for only specific websites

I’m looking for an app without horrible reviews that deletes cookies from specific websites that I can customize without blocking them from being created in the first place. For example, the New York Times can tell if you have a cookie blocker enabled and will block you, but they can’t tell if you just delete the site cookies later. I need an extension that deletes the site cookies after they’re created for specific websites like the NYTimes.
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2021.10.24 15:15 iloveyouuu_ should i leave him?

first things first, i love my boyfriend endlessly. he’s my bestfriend and boyfriend in one. we never really had a ‘talking’ stage and things escalated very quickly. my boyfriend and i practically lived with each other. we saw each other everyday, and we’re with each other during every single moment of the day. my boyfriends life pretty much consists of baseball and school, but practice, games, and such never really interfered with our relationship. about a month ago, he didn’t call or text me back for the whole day. i was extremely upset with him and expressed this to him. he immediately clapped back and asked “do you ever think to ask how i feel?” my boyfriends been having issues with his arm, and has been seeing a doctor for it. apparently his arm needs a lot of therapy and we won’t be able to throw until after winter. his grandparents who he is extremely close with have been in and out of the hospital. on top of all of this, his parents are moving states and want him to come with him. it’s a lot of pressure and stress on him all at once. ever since this incident, i have been extremely reassuring and comforting letting him know i am always here for him no matter what and he can talk to me about anything. my boyfriend is very much the type to brush off his problems and try not to acknowledge them. he hates talking about how he’s feeling, and would rather just struggle in silence. this is affecting our relationship greatly. we go days where we don’t talk at all, and other days i’m lucky if i even get a couple texts back. it hurts me so much, because i don’t know what im doing wrong. every time i ask if there’s anything i can do to make him feel better he reassures me that i’ve been an amazing girlfriend. however his actions don’t match up with his words. i feel extremely guilty and partially at fault for his issues because i can’t help him if he doesn’t wanna get the help himself. this is really messing with my mental health and all i can do is cry because i feel like i’m not allowed to feel upset. we had an argument about this around 2 weeks ago and i told him “it feels like you don’t even care anymore” and he said, “i don’t it’s exhausting.” it would be really shitty of me to just break up with my boyfriend especially under the circumstances all of this started. i’m not happy. i’m willing to work through anything with him but the effort is so one sided. i’m tired of feeling helpless which i also feel extremely selfish for. i don’t know what to do anymore
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2021.10.24 15:15 Swiss2014 Moving to another continent while girlfriend remains in the same place

Me (European, 32M) and my girlfriend (Asian, 32F) are together for 3 years. We stay together every weekend, and for the occasional vacation periods.
I am an academic, and got an assistant professorship in another continent (8h flight). Work wise, the opportunity is fantastic, but, from a relationship point of view, far from it. My girlfriend (a non academic) doesn't want to move, and I totally understand - she has a job that she likes and her hobbies.
Her willingness to have a long distance relationship is tied to marrying/formalizing a partnership. In addition, we would have to agree to having a child within 4 years and in me trying to return to where I am within in 4-5 years.
In case the LDR wouldn't work we would divorce and she would look for some sort of compensation (her words). I find this unusual, but think that maybe it is something cultural.
My problem is how to navigate this connundrum. Any advice for this kind of situation?
Any comment is more than welcomed.

TL;DR: I will move for a new job, gf stays. She wants an additional commitment from me. I am unsure if it is wise or not. Any advice is welcomed.
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2021.10.24 15:15 sicksteenstone Three Feathers Backpacker 2

I'm looking to buy a used Backpacker 2. I cant find one for sale ANYWHERE.
Please help.
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2021.10.24 15:15 nikenotnikey Reddit, what are some examples of stereotypically “evil” companies?

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2021.10.24 15:15 rkp1234br En las tiendas de Walmart en EE.UU. ya se pueden comprar bitcoines

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2021.10.24 15:15 Ida2k Jag hittade Åsa åsna i Hay Day

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2021.10.24 15:15 Bitter-Influence5370 [over 18] hello everyone!

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2021.10.24 15:15 khizee_and1 The intricate internal weapons bay of the F-22

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