Pastomaster guide or instructions?

Synonyms for GUIDE: coach, counsel, lead, mentor, pilot, shepherd, show, tutor; Antonyms for GUIDE: follow, trail Guide: to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed. guide meaning: 1. a book that gives you the most important information about a particular subject: 2. a…. Learn more. Guide: Directed by Vijay Anand. With Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Leela Chitnis, Anwar Hussain. When mistaken to be a sage by some villagers, an ex-tour guide reflects on his past and lost love to search for spiritual wisdom to guide the villagers. Define guide. guide synonyms, guide pronunciation, guide translation, English dictionary definition of guide. n. 1. a. One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising. b. One who serves as a model for others, as in a course of conduct. 2. A person employed... However, if you are a new Jhin player we highly recommend reading through some of the guides above to learn why this build is strong on Jhin! Guides Builds Counters Skins Abilities Q&A To Top. Role: ADC. Pick 92%. Win 52%. Mid. Pick 5%. Win 51%. Build Stats Powered by. The meaning of guide is one that leads or directs another's way. How to use guide in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Guide. Find 128 ways to say GUIDE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Guide definition, to assist (a person) to travel through, or reach a destination in, an unfamiliar area, as by accompanying or giving directions to the person: He guided us through the forest. See more. 2022 Delaware Teen Miss United States Agriculture The Miss United States Agriculture is a pageant based on teaching and enhanc... TV Guide ranks the best TV shows. The Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon, and More Allison Picurro 1 day ago. The Full Hallmark Christmas Movies 2021 Schedule ...

2021.12.06 09:34 imadethehumans Pastomaster guide or instructions?

Hi everyone - recently acquired a Pastomaster 60 RTX and am finding the operations manual underwhelming, and YouTube seems surprisingly limited. Anyone aware of or have access to supplemental materials that will help me understand it a little better? I understand the basic functions but the troubleshooting guide is not super thorough. Suggestions most welcome!
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2021.12.06 09:34 Milton_Rumata After waiting over three hours...

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2021.12.06 09:34 DiogenesK-9 Trump Tried to Kill Biden with COVID-19 - It turns out that Trump knew he had COVID at the first presidential debate, but lied about it. And then covered it up.

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2021.12.06 09:34 RodiV We're doing deadly battles to lvl up and it's easier then expected

As our DM wanted a break I offered to do some battles, creating encounters for the players. Story is minimal and the focus is just battling out deadly encounters.
Every encounter is a deadly encounter using the 'adjusted xp' rules from DMG that would bring them to the next level. So at lvl 2, they will have to fight a 2400XP encounter. At lvl 3, it was 7200xp.
What I've learned is that Deadly isn't very deadly.
At lvl 3 (4 players) they fought a Barbed Devil (CR5) + 4 Spined Devils (CR2) and they didn't even have to use healing! Sure, the battle used most of their resources in terms of spells and special actions (action surge), but I expected more.
I didn't forget the damage resistance. I used the fly by attack to make sure the Spined Devils stayed safe. The players weren't even using 'advanced' tactics like seeking cover
Am I doing something wrong?
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2021.12.06 09:34 lam4_ I WOKE UP TO THIS NEWS YOU SHOULD TOO 🤩 (SWIPE)

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2021.12.06 09:34 Stephy789 Interview for a Security HEO position

So I have been invited to interview for a Security HEO position later on this week, does anyone have any tips for what to expect and prepare?
I am an external candidate and It's my first time applying for a job in the Civil Service, I received a 6 for both my personal statement and CV feedback score.
I've learnt these scores are out of 7 so am I scored quite highly compared to the other candidates?
Any help is appreciated.
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2021.12.06 09:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Big North Carolina factory likely to be Toyota battery plant | ABC

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2021.12.06 09:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - NFL Week 14 best bets: Three games with intriguing early odds | LA Times

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2021.12.06 09:34 Steirnen Which notebook should I get? tips on choosing?

Brazillian here, not many options so unless something big appears by january my options should be:
Acer Aspire (can come with intel 11th gen(iris xe), "ryzen 5" 3500u, or mx350. also can have IPS screen) Asus Vivobook (intel 11th gen) Lenovo Ideapad (Ryzen 5500u)
Building/Buying a desktop seems way more expensive for bad performance, I could get a 'gaming' laptop for the price. So, out of reach.
Ideas, tips? thanks!
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2021.12.06 09:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Japan has 3rd omicron case as Kishida vows strict response | ABC

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2021.12.06 09:34 Disastrous_Can_5466 SCPs but made of things from my room,SCP-999

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2021.12.06 09:34 la_tinta_qlp Azrael 🔥⚔ El ÁNGEL VENGADOR

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2021.12.06 09:34 Sang1s How is the art style of most Nujabes' track covers called?

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2021.12.06 09:34 ZoolShop Evidence emerges for dark-matter free galaxies

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2021.12.06 09:34 the8th_horcrux69 Pls help me

I haven't studied anything in class 11 and 12th. I have 3 days to complete the syllabus. I fucked up my maths exam(25/40). Now I really want to get 30+ marks in physics. Pls help me. I am ready to study 14 hours a day. If I didnt get 30+ then my life ends there. Pls 🙏🙏🙏
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2021.12.06 09:34 custom_wp Telegram channel / group ANIME NEWS . 👥 3971 | 🧩 #Anime | 🗣 #English . 🔗

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2021.12.06 09:34 cobicoo Rep. Ilhan Omar: Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a coward

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2021.12.06 09:34 VinFer00 Xbox dashboard

I have an Oled C1 with the xbox one x and I noticed from this video (he use an xbox series x) the dashboard is black, mine instead is grey (same settings). How is possible?
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2021.12.06 09:34 sweetubb sai

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2021.12.06 09:34 arewegoing Weekly Robotics #172

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2021.12.06 09:34 proudmountain16 Dealing with diffirent life situations

(English isn't my first language) I knew that dating an older guy, would come with challenges. (19f, 35m) Stuff i never needed to be afraid of, i would now need to be afraid of. I tried not to think of it. Hope that nothing would happend and we would push through without our age diffirence being an issue - because our age diffirence never was an issue. I didn't see him as his age. I saw him as a guy i fell in love with and whom i wanted to spend rest of my life with.
He works as an security guard and was working in a bar one night. A guy came up to him and strted a fight, he ended up loosing the fight, when my boyfriend stand up for himself. The guy was embbarased and i guess wanted money. So he sued my boyfriend for gbh.
Meanwhile my boyfriend was on jail, waiting for his trial, i was talking to a friendcouple of ours and they were comforting me, helping me wait and get through it. (24f and 35m) The 35m is my boyfriends best friend. He ended up having a stroke after a week of my boyfriend sitting on jail. The situation is bad. Not looking good.
My boyfriend got not guilty vertic and got out from jail. We have been in long distance for a while and the friendcouple also lives in the city where my boyfriend does, so i can't be there for any of them; My dear friend, whos boyfriend had a stroke. My boyfriend, who was sitting on jail innocent and whos best friend has a stroke. Or a friend of mine who had a stroke.
I have been living on my own since i was 15. Taking care of myself and pretty much raising myself for my even longer. I have done a lot of adult stuff and delt with lot. But nothing ever prepeard me for this last 4 weeks. It has been hard. Extreamly. And i have no-one to talk about it to, since not a lot of my friends accept our age diffirence.
I don't know what i am looking with this post. Comfort, i guess. Ranting? Just hoping that someone says, hey. I got how you feel and it is ok to be a weirdo and date someone 15 years older than you.
I don't know why, but i have started to question everything. And i am so humiliated about it. I love my boyfriend. But this all came so all the sudden. And i am questoning, if this age gap is ok. Since we are so. In diffirent spots in our life? I guess? I never ment to look for an older guy. It just.. happend. Ever since we started talking, i felt such a strong connection. Safety and comfort. Something i haven't felt meny times in my life. He is so stable, calm, collected. His smile brightens up my day and his laugh can make the whole room smile. I love him so so so much. But yeah. I don't know why i feel like this. I don't know if this is wrong or right.
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2021.12.06 09:34 WPVT14 No HVAC filter?

1900’s house with central air remodel. No visible air filter for HVAC. Checked the unit and all returns. Is this normal?
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2021.12.06 09:34 CentrlFLGLI Stage 1 Tune Affects on Driving Modes?

I'm driving a 2020 GLI Autobahn so it came with DCC. Love how OEM modes change the car's personality with the touch of a button. Does anyone have more specifics on what the ECU and TCU tune do to Eco and Comfort modes? Is the high torque tune still active in these modes? Are the shift points unique in all of the modes, from Eco to Sport? Basically, are all of the mapping adjustments from a tune unique in each of the modes?
I haven't noticed any difference in the suspension, which I didn't expect anyway. Just wondering if Eco mode was made more economical and Comfort more comfortable.
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2021.12.06 09:34 OpenAiArt I think it's sleeping. Generative dragon jaw up close and personal.

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2021.12.06 09:34 ChrisTweten Roman's phone wallpaper flipping off Shiv

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