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Funny GMOD Animatuon

2021.12.06 08:21 Ok_Regret_9552 Funny GMOD Animatuon

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2021.12.06 08:21 brobrochitown85 Possible lab test error?

I've been on TRT for 9 months, gel 25mg/ day, and have had decent results. Normally my Total runs between 500 - 600 ng/dl and my Free is 60 - 70 pg/ml. On this last test my Total was 1813 ng/dl and Free was 436.1 pg/dl. I have dialed in my sleep schedule, 8 -8.5 hours per night, and fine tuned my diet (low carb, low to moderate fat, high protein) since the last test but I doubt it would impact the results this drastically. I don't feel any different from the last test, I have felt great since getting my dosage right and sitting at "normal" levels. No sides recently, at all, that I have noticed. I followed my normal morning routine the day of the test and waited to apply the gel until after the test. I haven't changed my supplements either; multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D/ K2, DIM (doctor recommended for the first year while tweaking dosage before anything stronger to control possible Estrogen issues), and Shield (with NAC and also recommended by doctor, not brand-wise but as additional organ support). I can't get in to see my doctor until the new year so I can't discuss with him possible reasonings for the spike in levels. I am not looking for a blast, long-term health is the goal. I believe he will adjust the dosage, if he doesn't order another test and it is normal again. Which is my fear since I feel good. Any advice or ideas what could have caused this spike in levels? Is this a common error for a lab to make?
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2021.12.06 08:21 XxxRustybeatZxxX I have the VH-11’s for td-50 and never liked them. I got the 13’s and I could tell a difference from the start. They feel better (imo) to play on and more responsive when I open and close them. Anybody out there play the 13’s vs the digital hats for comparison?

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2021.12.06 08:20 circusballerina Hvordan har du det og hva kan være årsakene til at du føler deg slik?

Heisann! Jeg er bare nysgjerrig på hvordan folk har det.🙂
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2021.12.06 08:20 Tear_Agile I have a Game Pass Ultimate code. First Pm takes it.

Up for the low low price of FREE! A 14 day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code! Hopefully the automods don't immediately block my post...
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2021.12.06 08:20 The_GopnikCZ When passing a cyclist, what do you throw? A signal light (36%) or trash (64%)?

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2021.12.06 08:20 Zeez145 3 - 1 in the Store Championship - Thanks LR team and community.

3 - 1 in the Store Championship - Thanks LR team and community. I've been playing limited for a very long time, I've played every prerelease since Fate Reforged, but I've always have moderate success/terrible tournaments. When the pandemic started I've download arena to keep playing limited, but the only limited format always available was draft, so I started listening to LR podcast and following their streams for tips.
Now that in store events are returning I decided attend the Store Championship, it was sealed with 3 boosters from MID and 3 from VOW, I've recreated my decklist on arena. I gotta say, my performance was so much better in all axis of the limited format, from deckbuilding to in game decisions.
In the first 3 rounds I went undefeated, making 2-0 against all my opponents, only to lose 2-1 against a very good werewolf deck in the finals. I still got second place and a sick foil Collected Company. So I just wanna say thank you to the LR team and all the members of this community, my improvement is visible. I hope you guys have a very good time playing limited when paper play returns in your LGS.
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2021.12.06 08:20 spoonard Just staking CRO is like using a savings account with almost no interest.

It's seems that way to me anyway when there are options like mining and farming available. Am I missing something? What is the advantage to just staking CRO over farming and mining??
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2021.12.06 08:20 Xuantung1104 Does the Airpods 3 fit like Airpods Pro without the tips?

Title ^ Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 08:20 Yeyo117 Which was the subreddit name for the Halo online achievement completion?

I remember that there was a subreddit that helped you find other people to complete some online achievements, I don't remember the name, can you please help me?
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2021.12.06 08:20 Cheapest-Sale Super Affiliate System PRO Imagine Working Anywhere Anytime and Make Money While You Sleep LEARN MORE - TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM Get your FREE copy of The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. Sign up to our newsletter now! More information https://bit.ly/2ZWQFlJ

Super Affiliate System PRO Imagine Working Anywhere Anytime and Make Money While You Sleep LEARN MORE - TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM Get your FREE copy of The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. Sign up to our newsletter now! More information https://bit.ly/2ZWQFlJ submitted by Cheapest-Sale to UsabilityPorn [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 08:20 Comprehensive-Note31 I like mythology. Mostly norse mythology but I'm open to others too. I already have Neil Gaimans book on norse mythology and I'm half way through

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2021.12.06 08:20 unstablenerd2 Anything wrong with these pimples, why they look yellow? have one other below my nostril. they popped on their own and look like this after a few days.

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2021.12.06 08:20 Shamertrap Veg meat anyone?

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2021.12.06 08:20 Rumbleskim [Video Games] GamerGate

It's no surprise that GamerGate has no submission of its own on this sub. It's so well known that everyone has some vague understanding of it, and it's such a vast topic that it can be hard to know where to start. But I thought it's time to plug that gap. And this is, after all, one of the most colossal hobbydramas of the century. So come with me as we explore the dark corridors of the internet that gave birth to the modern alt-right. I'm going to try and keep this gaming related, because this isn't a political discussion board, but references to greater political movements are unavoidable.
Be warned, this post contains sexism, racism, and basically every other ism and phobia that you could possible imagine. There really is no level of extremity that this thread will not touch upon. Tread with care.
Also, when I refer to 'gamers' with a lowercase G, I just mean normal gamers as a whole. When I say 'Gamers', I mean Gamergate supporters.
Anita Sarkeesian - Sexism in Gaming This shitstorm began in 2013, though its roots trace back far earlier, and while it would come to suck in thousands of pundits, politicians and thinkers from around the world, it began with one woman: Anita Sarkeesian.
Anita is a Canadian-American media critic. She started her Youtube Channel Feminist Frequency in 2009, analysing portrayals of women in pop culture. In 2011 she worked with feminist magazine Bitch to create a series of videos titled 'Tropes vs Women', which examined the damaging cliches and stereotypes against women in film and tv. It did pretty well, but she was still a small voice in a small circle. The natural next step was to talk about games, and that's what she did in 2012. 'Tropes vs Women in Video Games' criticised the sexualisation of women in games, the way they are treated as helpless damsels in distress, or given to the player as a reward. As Sarkeesian herself points out in her first episode:

"It's both possible and necessary to simultaneously enjoy media, while also being critical of its problematic or pernicious aspects'.
The videos were pretty even handed, and never really took the 'rabid angry feminist' tone that people have come to portray. I recommend taking a look. Anita was clearly not much of a 'gamer' herself, but she saw the positives that could be drawn from them.
In order to fund the project, Anita created a Kickstarter - which was all the rage back then. The kickstarter drew attention from every corner. Some of it was positive - she asked for $6000, but ended up with almost 7000 backers and $160,000 pledged. However a lot of it was bad.
Keep in mind that this all took place at a very critical moment in the feminist movement. Tumblr and Twitter were at their height, and a lot of positive momentum was being made. The video game industry was gradually becoming more inclusive too. Games at the time were - to much controversy - including more POC, women, and LGBT characters. But at the same time, a push began against this. A lot of men were feeling alienated by the rapid change, and this negative stance on feminism tended to look past the majority (who were pretty reasonable) and focus only on the minority of feminists who were explicitly anti-male. And in time, the progressive community would make the same mistake with gamers. But for now, it was these anti-feminists who saw the premise of Sarkeesian's videos as a threat toward 'their territory' - the male oriented video game industry. Anita became the poster child for everything these men hated. There was a coordinated effort on 4chan to destroy her Kickstarter, to DDOS the site, to report her twitter accounts, and otherwise eliminate her. It got pretty nasty. At the time it was a bit of a shocker just how nasty it got, but little did we know it was just the start.
A number of articles started to surface on various sites documenting the bizarre outrage, and that only lent it more momentum. Kotaku, Polygon, and other more left-leaning gaming news sites headed the exposure.
Anita received enormous harassment on social media, including vast numbers of rape and death threats, and she was doxxed multiple times (a practice in which a person's home address is posted online). Her wikipedia articles were vandalised with racial and sexual slurs, and she was sent drawings of herself being raped. A video game was created, 'Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian', in which players cover a photo of her in blood by clicking on it. Critics who disparaged the 'game' received death threats themselves. The creator of the game, Gregory Alan Elliot, was taken to court. The case had significant implications for online freedom of speech in Canada. She was accused of being Jewish, and received enormous amounts of antisemitism dubbing her Jewkeesian, until it came to light that her heritage was actually Armenian - and the harassment switched to an Armenian theme without skipping a beat.
Anita capitalised on her infamy, and used it to speak out on sexual harassment at TEDxWomen, as well as several universities. She was scheduled to speak at the 2014 Game Developer's Choice Awards, and would receive an accolade herself, but an anonymous bomb threat was called in to try and get the event cancelled. It really is hard to overstate the sheer level of vitriol this woman had thrown at her. But she would not be the only one.
"I don't get to publicly express sadness or rage or exhaustion or anxiety or depression, I can't say that sometimes the harassment really gets to me, or conversely that the harassment has become so normal that sometimes I don't feel anything at all. I don't get to express feelings of fear or how tiring it is to be constantly vigilant of my physical or digital surroundings. How I don't go to certain events because I don't feel safe. Or how I sit in the more secluded areas of coffee shops and restaurants so the least amount of people can recognise me."
Zoe Quinn - Ethics in Journalism Zoe Quinn is an American video game developer and writer. In 2013, she released the game 'Depression Quest', a text-based game in which the player roleplays as themselves and is taken through a number of scenarios relating to depression. The game was based on her own experiences, and was received positively by critics. It's a raw and heartfelt project, and I really recommend it. However, there was a contingent who insisted that Depression Quest couldn't really be called a game, and it's true that it blurred the lines between a book, a visual novel, and a game.
This began a broad - and still ongoing - conversation within the gaming community. What is a game? People tried to come up with a clear cut definition, but there was always something that fell outside it. Does it need a failure state? That rules out Animal Crossing, which is definitely a game. Does it need an end point? That rules out Tetris. Does it need violence? Does it need characters? Does it need interactivity? Does it need choice? Does it need goals? Does it need visuals or sound? It's easy to look at most games and say 'yes, that's a game'. It's easy to look at a book or film and say it isn't. But when projects approach the line, things get a bit confusing. There are those who looked at Depression Quest and saw a book with extra steps, and there are those who insisted it was a game, but with all the extraneous stuff taken away. This is a massive philosophical debate, but we're here for drama, so let's move on. All you need to know is - it got great reviews, and some players were unhappy.
Zoe was added to the list of persona non grata. She received her own wave of death and rape threats, but rather than backing away, she documented them and spoke out about them to the media. This earned her even more hatred, which steadily grew more and more intense, to the point where she fled her home out of fear for her own safety.
But it wasn't until August 2014 that 'GamerGate' as we know it would officially begin. And it started at the hands of a relative unknown name, even now. Zoe's former boyfriend Eron Gjoni published a long and sprawling blog post about their relationship in which he levelled a number of accusations against her, the most inflammatory of which was that she had been given positive coverage (of Depression Quest, among other things) by a Kotaku journalist with whom she was sexually involved. This was a false accusation. It later came out that this journalist, Nathan Grayson, had barely ever mentioned Quinn or her work, and when he did, they hadn't been together. But never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The letter included copies of chat logs, text messages, and emails, and for all the world appeared to be legit.
The Gamers in question accused Zoe of exchanging sexual favours for positive press and professional advancement in what they called the 'Quinnspiracy'. Of course, Zoe Quinn stood to gain nothing from the praise Depression Quest received. Contrary to the claims that she was using her status as a woman to gain money... the game was free. And always had been. But this spawned one 'debate' which would go on to define GamerGate - that of ethics in game journalism. Video game press came under enormous scrutiny, especially the left-leaning Kotaku. The idea was that if a pundit/reviewecritic was left leaning, their views could not be relied upon, because according to GamerGate, they were biased. Large lists were created to map out the various 'SJW Journalists', which boiled down to a blacklist of public figures who spoke out against GamerGate.
But for Zoe, it just meant abuse.
A lot of this began on 4chan - because of course it did - and users leapt at the chance to renew their attacks on Zoe Quinn and Depression Quest. Adam Baldwin (yes that one) coined the term GamerGate on Twitter, and his followers sent it trending. GamerGate gradually developed into a movement which would viciously attack anyone it saw as a target, and had its base in 4chan and Reddit.
Within four months of the blog post, Quinn's record of threats had exceeded a thousand. Around that time she is quoted as saying:
"I used to go to game events and feel like I was going home [...] Now it's just like... are any of the people I'm currently in the room with ones that said they wanted to beat me to death?".
I would go into detail on the exact content of these threats but frankly, I don't want to. All you need to know is that they contain the worst possible things that some very creative people could come up with. Quinn's Tumblr, Dropbox and Skype accounts were hacked, and she once again fled to live with friends. Everyone even tangentially connected to her got showered with hatred. It was a full on witch hunt.
In a BBC interview, Zoe summed up her experience.
"To me, GamerGate will always be glorified revenge porn by my angry ex. Before it had a name, it was nothing but trying to get me to kill myself, trying to hurt me, going after my family. GamerGate will always be that to me. There was no mention of ethics in journalism at all, besides making the same accusation everybody makes toward any successful women, that clearly she got to where she is because she had sex with someone".
Alec Holowka - The Me Too Martyr I won't linger too much on the Me Too movement because I'm trying to keep this mainly game related. But in short, it sprung up following the allegations against Harvey Weinstein in early 2017. Women across the world who had themselves been the victims of sexual abuse, but had been silenced, began to make their experiences known, leading to numerous high profile men being outed. This movement would come back to gaming at a later date, with major consequences (we'll get there). But this is a small and very sad part of the GamerGate story.
Alec Holowka created the game Night in the Woods - a fantastic coming of age story about animals. It's a beautiful, artistic, and symbolic piece of art. He was also the one-time partner of Zoe Quinn. In June 2019, Quinn went public with some extremely severe allegations toward Alex Holowka, in which he allegedly subjected her to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
Alec's colleagues cut ties with him. Scott Benson, another developer on the game, is quoted as saying:
“Enough of the allegations are extremely plausible and just about all of it we've corroborated with other sources. I'm not going to list those out here, this isn't a trial, and we don't /owe/ the internet a comprehensive accounting of why so many people who have known Alec for years have looked at the accusations and believed them.”
On 31 August, Holowca took his life. His sister wrote the following:
“Those who know me will know that I believe survivors and I have always done everything I can to support survivors, those suffering from mental illnesses, and those with chronic illnesses. Alec was a victim of abuse and he also spent a lifetime battling mood and personality disorders. I will not pretend that he was not also responsible for causing harm. In case it’s not already f***** obvious, Alec specifically said he wished the best for Zoë and everyone else, so don’t use our grief as an excuse to harass people.”*
But harass they did. And they were brutal. At this point, we were a long way from GamerGate as it had once been, and were well into the Alt-right era, and its members eagerly leapt at the chance to tear her apart. She was accused of 'Metooicide', and is blamed for effectively killing Alec. They say that Quinn has blood on her hands. Quinn deleted her Twitter account due to the harassment. This article goes into the implications of the scandal in more depth, but honestly the whole thing is just extremely sad. This man's death has been weaponised as yet another tool in the Alt Right arsenal. And for many fans of his work, it was crushing.
Brianna Wu - Taking Action Wu is an American video game developer and the founder of Giant Spacekat, a small game studio. In October 2014, she began monitoring 8chan (think 4chan's even worse cousin), and began tweeting about GamerGate, ridiculing them for:
"...fighting an apocalyptic future where women are 8 percent of programmers and not 3 percent".
In the process, she placed herself in the sights of the mob. Anonymous details about her, including her address, were leaked on 8chan, and of course she got the standard death and rape threats, and had to flee her home. If this seems like it's becoming a pattern, that's because it is. The pattern would repeat itself over and over going forward. A minor figure speaks out about something, right wingers try to shut them up with abuse, they use that abuse to increase their platform (thereby becoming a minor left wing celebrity), they become an even bigger target, and they soon end up plastered across the internet.
But to the fury of many Gamers everywhere, none of these women were backing down. In February 2015, Wu declared:
"By attacking me so viciously, they're helping give me the visibility to usher in the very game industry they're terrified about".
Wu created a legal defence fund for women targeted by GamerGate, offered cash for information leading to the prosecution of its worst members, and became heavily involved with the FBI. She exclusively attended events with a security detail. As of today, she and her husband continue to live under aliases.
In 2017, the FBI closed their investigation and declined to prosecute any of the men who sent threats (even though two had confessed). Wu went to the media, campaigning for dedicated FBI agents who understand and monitor the dark corners of the internet like 8chan.
While Wu, Sarkeesian and Quinn would become the three horsewomen of the GamerGate apocalypse, they were not alone. Other women who became major targets include Jenni Goodchild, Liana Kerzner, Devi Ever, Leigh Alexander, Felicia Day, and more. It simply isn't possible to cover every single victim of this movement.
At the time, most people who played video games had no idea this was even going on. And often it was getting swept up in generalisations that turned regular gamers into Gamers. There were those who felt like they were being unfairly portrayed as sexist/racist/whatever else, and responded indignantly. This became heavily involved with the #notallmen and #yesallmen movements (and then #notallgamers). But sometimes those generalisations were right. There was a lot of anger going around in general.
Vivian James - Politics in Gaming Of course, to the 4channer, the ideal woman doesn't exist. She has to be created. And so Vivian was born. Vivian James (chosen because it sounds like Video Games) was created as a mascot for GamerGaters on 4chan, and her portrayal tells us a lot about what Gamers wanted women to be. She was an anthropomorphized avatar of the /v/ (Vidya) community on 4chan, created in response to a totally separate Zoe Quinn controversy surrounding game jams (events in which developers race to make weird and wacky games). She was used in propaganda as a champion of ‘free speech’.
You see, one of the many debates (and we must use this term loosely) that GamerGate created was that of 'politics' in gaming. Representation was increasing of LGBT people, POC and women in games, and some players insisted that these inclusions were politically motivated. They claimed that games as a medium were not meant to be 'political', and forcing 'politics' into the games was a negative thing. They wanted a return to the 'non-political' status quo - and it just so happened that the status quo was white straight American men (usually with guns). Because they themselves were mostly white straight American men, it never struck them as political for a game to feature a white straight American man, it was simply normal. The default. And any deviation from this was labelled as 'political'.
Of course, any intelligent person can see through this to its deeper meaning - these players didn't want gays, women, and non white characters in their games because they were prejudiced. All media is political in some way. Even games which try not to be political.
This is what GamerGate boils down to - a war over the status quo. One side pushing for change, the other pushing to stop that change.
Vivian never mentioned her gender, her ideas or her politics when she played a game - you could play against her and mistake her for a guy. Rather than disrupt the status quo by existing, she allowed it to absorb her. And that's what Gamers wanted from all minorities - they were welcome as long as they didn't disrupt games as a haven where everything is catered to the default player, a white straight American man. Vivian was a 'real gamer' because she embraced the default. Anyone who rejected that default was a fake gamer, whose love of games was a lie, and whose real purpose was sabotage.
This links in pretty heavily to the #NotYourShield movement, basically a platform for women, POC and LGBT Gamers who supported GamerGate and saw its opponents as exploiting them as a shield to deflect criticism. Ironically, GamerGate used these people as evidence that they were not prejudiced at all, in a very 'I'm not racist, my best friend is black' kind of way.
Penning the Playbook GamerGate had found an effective way of tearing down its targets, and its playbook would come to include strategies like gaslighting, dogpiling, sea lioning, gish galloping, and dogwhistling - and would inform the strategies of the alt right. By creating a state of fear, where people are too scared to even speak against GamerGate, they were able to silence opposition. And unlike its opposition, who were very real and public figures, GamerGate was decentralised and anonymous, akin to a swarm with no individual leader or face, and which therefore was incredibly hard to defeat. This was never a two way street. Of course, GamerGate had its open and public supporters. Let's go through a few of these colourful characters now!
Sargon is your standard basement dweller youtuber, the kind of guy who DESTROYS libs with FACTS and REASON. He gained a lot of traction from GamerGate, and he explains why here. You can kind of imagine him as a more extreme Ben Shapiro.
Another Nazi. Richard Spencer was a big supporter of GamerGate. You can look into himself if you like but frankly I don't want to do the research into him because that means I have to watch and read shit he has said.
Totalbiscuit was a popular game critic who died of bowel cancer in 2018. He is widely credited with being the man who legitimised GamerGate. It should be pointed out that Bain was never a white supremacist or abuser or anything like that - and he is often wrongly characterised as being more extreme than he really is. He was conservative, aggressive and thin skinned, but he wasn't evil. To him, GamerGate was always about ethics in journalism, what defines a game, and politics in gaming. He had been an ethical crusader long before GamerGate, and so none of this is truly surprising. He was either incredibly naive or just wilfully ignored the fact that these online movements were just fronts. It is somewhat ironic how much he had in common with Jim Sterling (now James Stephanie Sterling), another British pro-consumer activist and long-time collaborator, who was always on the total opposite end of the GamerGate spectrum. Indeed, most of John's closest associates were anti-GamerGate.
I met TB once at a convention and he seemed nice enough.
During his time working at Breitbart, Milo was an outspoken supporter of GamerGate. His big thing was that he was a gay right-winger, and he used his homosexuality to deflect criticism for his views. He has since been banned from basically every site possible. Like many others, he seemed somewhat right leaning at first, but gradually unveiled himself as a full on nazi.
Boogie is a youtuber who came to fame through the persona of 'Francis', in which he would put on a funny voice and rage about minor things. But gradually he became more popular just for being himself, and his own views. When GamerGate first emerged, Boogie tried to stay moderate, but his views got more and more extreme as time went on. In 2017, Boogie had a gastric bypass surgery, which made him lose weight. But after that, he revealed himself to be quite a nasty person.
Sommers is an author and philosopher of ethics, and a resident scholar of the American Enterprise Institute. She is probably the most 'legit' of GamerGate's supporters, and has carved out a niche in making right wing talking points palatable to the average person, before they move on to the more extreme online figures.
Sexism in Gaming Studios While this is far removed from GamerGate, it's a case of 'the birds coming home to roost'. The movements that GamerGate helped to start have returned and taken many large game developers by storm in recent years. I thought I would go over some of them.
The first big publisher to go under the magnifying glass was Ubisoft. In mid 2020 they came under fire for sexual harassment allegations.
Last month the company, one of the world’s largest video game publishers with a portfolio including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, launched a probe after allegations of sexual misconduct were shared online. Serge Hascoet, chief creative officer and the company’s second-in-command, has resigned, as has the human resources director, Cecile Cornet, and the managing director of the Canadian branch, Yannis Mallat, Ubisoft said on Sunday.
MANY of Ubisoft's executives were forced to stand down.
This video goes into a lot of detail on exactly how much of this abuse was covered up at Ubisoft.
Unfortunately a year later, Ubisoft had made minimal changes. Luckily for them, the spotlight would soon be stolen away.
This particular controversy concerns Activision Blizzard. After a two year investigation, the company was found to have extreme harassment against women and minorities, and has discrimination baked into its terms and conditions of employment. Everything from compensation, assignment, promotion and termination is affected by gender. The entire company is governed by a 'Frat Boy Culture'. California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against them..
At first, Blizzard's president Allen Brack claimed no knowledge of this. But then numerous former and current Blizzard employees spoke up to support the accusations. They insisted that almost nothing was being done within the company to fix it. On 26 June, more than 800 employees (eventually as many as 2000) signed an open letter too their leadership demanding that Blizzard recognise the seriousness and show compassion for victims. When that didn't work, employees held a meeting and on 28 July, organised the Activision Blizzard Walk Out For Equality. Turnout exceeded two hundred.
Renowned scumbag Bobby Kotick released a statement describing Blizzard's earlier statement as 'tone deaf' and promised 'swift action'.
An article by Kotaku went into more detail on the infamous 'Cosby Suite', and revealed that Ghostcrawler (one a high-up on World of Warcraft) was on the list of guests.
Numerous developers left the company, either in protest or due to allegations against them. More and more horrible stories began to emerge, far worse than the original lawsuit had uncovered. Sponsors pulled out, investors filed a class action lawsuit toward the company, and Brack stepped down.
You can read more about it here
Hilariously, Blizzard also completely neutered any remotely sexual or flirtatious lines, emotes and jokes out of WoW.
Since then, numerous other companies have been accused of similar problems. Paradox Interactive, SCUF, Insomniac Games, Bethesda. In fact, it might be easier to list the gaming companies that haven't had any allegations.
It turns out that the people who worked in these companies were often just as nasty as the fans.
Luckily, the reaction has been a far cry from GamerGate. On that, at least, we seem to have made some progress. And I suppose that's something to be optimistic about.
A Troubled Legacy So what is the legacy of GamerGate? It never really 'concluded' or 'finished'. But if we zoom out on our scope a little, we see that it was just a tributary which flowed into the greater river of the alt-right. And from that river would spill forth Donald Trump, Pizzagate, Qanon, the Manosphere, and Incels. GamerGate was arguably just a microcosm of a much greater societal movement, not its cause, but it was the moment that young online conservatives began to push back against progressivism, and collectively organise.
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2021.12.06 08:20 gossipgirllll need to know how does shraddha kapoor have more followers than any other actress in bollywood?

shraddha has around 68M followers which is the highest after PC and highest than Alia, Deepika,Katrina, Pari?? she barely posts anything, haven’t seen her in a movie in a while.. her acting is just off and from a friend who have met her she’s just an average looking face. i’m sure she is the sweetest assuming from her interviews but still wanna know what’s her usb?
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2021.12.06 08:20 TinySpookyGhost What is wrong with my ficus Audrey? Has been growing really well July to November. Now lots of leaves are affected like this and dying.

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2021.12.06 08:20 mt4christ247 Learning to Walk – Letting Go and Setting Out Solo - Purity 594

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2021.12.06 08:20 Vikingmd Heating water problem with viessmann vitodens 100-w!

The problem with the gas boiler started 2 weeks ago, but today no hot water at wall the temperature is staying at 100 C, constant even i am putting the lever to 0 C https://streamable.com/pzr1rr
The pressure of the water inside is https://imgur.com/ryR8eCM
When changing the lever for heating of the radiators nothing happens https://imgur.com/OpvxfQC
I try to restart the gas boiler and check the flow of the natural gas, but nothing worked for me.
It is very bad from you're point of view?
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2021.12.06 08:20 ScandiSom What deck does Vanndar Stormpike work with?

I’m thinking some paladin deck might work but then you have to survive with some cheaper spells until you’re guaranteed to draw Vanndar, and i’m not sure paladin is good at that.

But also druid might work since can now draw the lowest card.

i’ve also seen demon hunter pre-expansion.
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