Growing systems

2021.12.06 07:34 FormelessPuppy41 Growing systems

Hello, Does anybody know some good systems to use for humidity and climate control and for controlling lights and feeding? Preferably that can manage multiple 30 m2 indoor rooms at the same time. They don’t have to manage all the parameters at ones, so per subject (like climate) which systems are good to use, if a company has something that manages everything at the same time that would be great as well.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 07:34 Jaydhaja Trying to sell my account with a zeus rod for 10 dls message me for serious inquiries only msg arrtist

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2021.12.06 07:34 Fair_Ask670 Nr 5356 - The Course - Ain't Nobody
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2021.12.06 07:34 OriginalTsumi In Celebration of Book VI: Elm!

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2021.12.06 07:34 condoradamo12 I am definitely wishing I had an armadillo shell rn to hide in. Feeling like garbage lmao

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2021.12.06 07:34 moh_rahem حقيقة موت رسول الله

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2021.12.06 07:34 Charlieeehill anyone jerking

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2021.12.06 07:34 JenJennie127 Battery life shows 23hrs and 47mins

After I finished charging to 100%, the battery life shows 23hrs and 47mins. Is this the normal hrs? I've seen in some where at 30hrs
I'm using 120hz, always on-display turned off, not in dark mode too. Though, my battery does not reduce when I'm not using it (let's say at night when I'm sleeping).
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2021.12.06 07:34 OkCryptographer3613 What to expect in a Catholic school or Christian School?

I'm an atheist in a country that is mostly catholic thus making majority of the schools here a Catholic school. I plan on changing schools after graduating highschool to pursue Senior Highschool in another school but most of the choices I have if I want to enroll to a good school is a Catholic school
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2021.12.06 07:34 nomennonhabeo 清华的身份能给桃花石人带来的最大价值,就是他们的肉价会更高一点

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2021.12.06 07:34 Prace_Ace In my world, people get reincarnated every 34 years and 3 months

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2021.12.06 07:34 Illustrious-Energy56 You guys know any games similar to besiege, where it has those mechanical creation tools on game pass pc?

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2021.12.06 07:34 Beautiful_Agent9944 #Libcointoken

LIBCOIN-IEO $Lib Dr.Saylav has strategic oversight an of Libcoin's activities and is bridging technology and manegment as a CEO. He is one of the key figures in the invention of lithium-ion battery technology. He used to bring in his extensive know-ho as Vice President of the institute of technology - unity of global leaders. Currently, Mr Saylav is still a distinguished lecture for technology and international contract laws at Swimburne University.
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2021.12.06 07:34 Jackkbenimble How can I lose weight in a week without compromising leg muscle?

Reddit, I am trying to find a way to lose as much weight as possible within a week. I am taking part in a 10k run on Sunday and want to shed as much weight as I can without compromising the running. I have been eating less the past couple of weeks and still running, but in the last week I don't want to risk injury so won't be doing any intense running. I am happy to limit my calories and go hungry, that's not a problem. Do do you have any advice on what to do/what not to do?
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2021.12.06 07:34 yadnexsh New ideas for fireworks!!

Fireworks update >>>>>>>>>>> anything
So as everyone knows this firework update is way to awesome. So me and my friends were thinking about some firework show and all. So we had an idea about "Fireworks Place"
"Fireworks PLace" A place only for fireworks and for fun / enjoyment
Ideas - 1)Create one space / isle with lights and all and merchant post where we can buy the FW Crates and add few benches with " Take a seat" option (like an open auditorium) .
2) Add "four head cannon" , so we can add multiple rockets at the same time and then BOOM !
3) Recipe board ? Like people will add notes about Rockets, like "Use X +Y" together for good effects. [Optional - else it will be a Firework simulator ]
4) Circuit board - all around the isle you will find multiple cannons [facing sky only] and then u can add multiple rockets and then on one click it goes BOOM ! [Optional - else it will be a Firework simulator + Server Load ]
Cannons should be FW Cannons only else it will be like a mini fort ! TwT
But thanks a lot for FW Update - finally i can use those gold coins + worth it
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2021.12.06 07:34 TJZ2021 Snow Minions in a nutshell

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2021.12.06 07:34 MentholMornings Paid a bit, but over the moon with this absolutely gorgeous tape.

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2021.12.06 07:34 suzznut 21 yr old pedo moment

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2021.12.06 07:34 Lmao12869 The Warzone mission is such a great place to try trickshots!

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2021.12.06 07:34 SmolChryBlossomTree Need help, Why is my Dungeon farm not spawning enemies? I was told 80×60 was a good size for spawn proofing.

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2021.12.06 07:34 No-Palpitation8196 Join the 3 Invites = Mega Links Discord Server!

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2021.12.06 07:34 TheSpiderPatriot Cornelia Li Britannia VS Chifuyu Orimura (Code Geass VS Infinite Stratos)

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2021.12.06 07:34 Poulpatine Best and cheapest SSD for Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Plus

Hello folks,
I have a HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Plus in my setup and I'm facing difficulties to find a correct SSD to use. Currently I have a Crucial BX500 240GB but it's not recognized (Debian installer recognizes a 1GB disk).
I wanted to know if you had a good reference for a cheap SSD known to work well in Miicroserver Gen 10 Plus ? I don't need great performances and more than 240GB of storage.
Many thanks !
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2021.12.06 07:34 ConditionNo7708 Leaving for basic training on February 22nd in fort Leonard Wood. Any tips?

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