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Facing direct sunlight, great HDR output! Shot on iPhone 13 pro

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2021.12.06 07:59 Borednerdygamer #AEXI - Manifesto Release

You may now view the manifestos of the parties contesting the 11th Northern Irish Assembly election. Parties are reminded not to edit manifestos past this point. Attempts to do so will be punished and I will be checking.

Sinn Féin
Ulster Workers' Party
Ulster Unionist Party
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Alliance Party Northern Ireland
People Before Profit
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2021.12.06 07:59 Asyakerem50 Baklava

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2021.12.06 07:59 Lordi__ Happy hoelidays 💦This is alfie in their element. Pronouns- they/them

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2021.12.06 07:59 Jadabu91 Women don‘t deserve orgasms

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2021.12.06 07:59 GreenSkyDragon [The Many Gifts of Malia] - Part 59

[The Many Gifts of Malia] - Part 59
Malia cover
[First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
By the time we finished our voyage, Hasda had a handle on his new underwater breathing. It still took him a bit transitioning between habitats, especially coming out of the water, but he wasn’t flailing like he was drowning or trying to retch his lungs out anymore. Malia had prowled the depths every practice session and had never been needed, neither to fight off derketo nor rescue Hasda. She’d been cranky about not being able to trace the derketo’s movements. While I shared her frustration, it made me more concerned because if they weren’t tracking us, what were they doing?
We still didn’t have any answers by the time we reached our destination. The sylvan shores of Ibithia peppered the horizon, the lumpy canopy looming with vague foreboding. Despite being unreachable by maas, Ibithia had presented no obstacles for our sea-bound arrival, and none of the gods aboard reported feeling any resistance as we neared the coast. Landfall and unloading also went without a hitch, leaving Malia and I to trail Hasda inland and ponder the strange situation.
Although Seppo and Thane had accompanied us across the Sea, neither stayed with us as we headed into the forest. Seppo stayed on the ship to supervise its return to Nebesa, and Thane took off west as soon as his feet hit the earth. Why, he didn’t say, and we didn’t have time to ask him. Hasda had wandered off almost immediately, losing himself among the trees. Malia and I hurried after him, barely able to keep him in sight as he wended his way around trunks and over the underbrush.
Before long, it grew dark. Unnaturally so. We’d arrived mid-morning and had been chasing Hasda barely an hour, and yet the forest had gone dusky dark. Cicadas droned around us, their rattling constant and disorienting. The air grew muggy, slathering us with the rich scent of loam. We heard no birds and saw no animals. Whatever path Hasda followed wasn’t clear to us, but he moved with certainty.
Malia flared her wings as we crossed a gully. “Do you feel that?”
“Feel what?” Dirt scrabbled down the incline behind us as we landed on the other side. I glanced down and watched the clods tumble onto the decomposing leaves below. Outside of Hasda’s erratic yet strangely controlled behavior, nothing felt off to me.
Malia narrowed her eyes at Hasda’s vanishing back and pushed a breath through her nose. “Forest magic.”
“What kind?” I followed as she slithered ahead.
Wings tucked, she quickened her pace, crushing twigs undertail as she gave up trying to be quiet. Slender branches whipped in her wake, several stinging my arms or catching me in the face as I kept up a little too well. I let my senses crawl over the aura of the forest, but felt nothing amiss. No telltale signs betrayed an awaiting ambush, none of my revived battle senses screaming of warnings gathered subconsciously. But the leaves and the trees became an ethereal blur, and I lost sight of Malia and Hasda.
Still water rippled as my footsteps disturbed the glassy surface. A hazy fog, like the blur of the distant edge of my vision, ringed me in. If I stretched out my arms, my fingertips would brush the edges of the enclosed space. Every nerve was alight, my instincts screaming that this was not an experience I was going to enjoy.
Directly in front of me, the haze clouded. From the murky gray formed the sketch of a figure in tattered robes. Cold gripped my core, and not just because ice frosted the mist and froze the pond. I knew—I knew—it was her. She didn’t need to open her mouth, didn’t need to replicate her image across the ring of fog as she was now doing, for me to realize who was responsible for this vision.
But why now? And in my waking hours? How?
“Chasing my words, like a dog chasing its tail.” She sounded disappointed. None of the featureless faces moved, the voice echoing around me from every one. “Blind to their meaning, bound to a future far from here.”
“Who are you?” I hated the tremble in my voice, but I couldn’t help it. “What do you want?”
“Sleeping like a babe because your eyes tell you it’s night.” Slowly, the wraiths tilted to the right and began to circle through the fog, never breaching the surface. “Confident in the comfortable familiarity of illusion, yet blind to it even now.”
“What does that mean?” Panic spiked through my chest. Belatedly, I realized that the frost now covered me. Whether this specter were real or imagined, I couldn’t move. “How are you doing this?”
“What wears a human face, yet is not human?” The voice was almost mocking in its unfaltering commitment to ignoring my cries. “What rivals the divine, yet is not deity? How can one covet what one cannot comprehend?” The banshees circled faster and faster, shaving off layers of distortion that lazily spiraled onto the frozen surface. “How can there be good faith or bad, if there was no faith to begin with?”
“Why are you doing this?”
The phantoms froze in place so suddenly, for a moment I thought the frost had affected them as well. Then they scattered, blown away like morning mist. Light flooded my eyes as the distorting haze vanished. Each phantasm fled in a different direction, racing away into the forest. Malia was nowhere to be seen, but Hasda was miles away in front of me, dogged in his determination to reach his destination. And hot on his heels was a pack of spirits wearing forest garb. The wraiths dove into the backs of the spirits, and the vision vanished.
Malia loomed over me, the canopy of her wings sheltering us. I was on my back on the ground, breathing heavily. Sweat drenched my forehead and made my robes cling to my back. A stone ground into my ribs just next to my spine as I shifted and struggled to orient myself. The darkness of the forest had lightened, but not by much.
“What happened?” Malia asked, face pinched with concern.
I scraped my elbows against pebbles in the dirt as I pushed myself upright. “Did I pass out?”
“And you were foaming at the mouth like a madman.” Her snakes hissed. “This darkness has some kind of anesthetic effect.” She sniffed. “You’ve become too human lately. I think we might need the more skeletal you for now.”
“So you’re saying you’re not the only one who’s put on a few pounds.” Grinning, I shuffled to my feet and jogged in the direction Hasda had gone in the vision.
Malia kept pace, tucking her wings as she stayed beside me. “You want to talk about it?”
“Hasda first, vision after.” I puffed as I shed the mass I’d been acquiring since my return. Unfortunately, losing the muscle meant re-aging myself, but it couldn’t be helped. At least with all the time I’d spent in Nebesa recently, stomping about in this rickety old thing was much more manageable.
We tore through the forest in silence. No matter how fast we went, we never seemed to gain ground on Hasda. I couldn’t have been out for more than a few minutes, and yet he’d put an insane amount of distance between us. Or...more than one enchantment was layered on this forest. I slid to a halt next to a shaggy barked tree and sagged onto it.
Malia’s eyes were wide, on the verge of blasting everything in sight. “Another one?”
I nodded. “Have we been going in circles?”
“One way to find out.” And with that, she snapped to the side and carved a line of blight at a diagonal from us. Closing her eyes, she sighed and brushed her hands together. “After you.”
With a grunt, I pushed off the tree and headed in the direction I thought Hasda had gone, leaving the blighted stripe behind me and to the left. We churned through several hundred more yards of forest and, after fifteen minutes of racing, came upon the head of Malia’s pestilential path.
I frowned as I stared at the curve that ended the strip, made ragged by half-charred, curling grasses. “Have humans grown strong enough to hinder the gods?”
“Not with any magic currently at their disposal.” Malia folded her arms and eyed the swath of shriveled earth like she wanted to raze it again. “A single deity would struggle against a pair of gods of our caliber, and a group of gods would stick out.”
“So if it’s not gods…” I didn’t like where this was going. Either it was something higher—and stronger—than us, or perhaps it was an abstraction on the verge of becoming an embodied Being. Abstractions were nasty bastards because they were vague, formless ideas held by less sophisticated groups. Not savages, because there was nothing barbaric about simplicity, but tribes that practiced animism of some kind. The worst were the ones who believed in a “unifying spirit” of their people, because it created a spiritual link that allowed them to toe the line between mortal and divine.
I hadn’t gotten a good look at the witches in my vision, but if these women turned out to be in that last group, they would be a total pain in the ass to wrangle. A coven of mortal witches? Simple enough to handle. But sorceresses who shared a transcendent bond that could catapult a member, or the collective as a singular being, into godhood? I’d rather wipe with sand.
“Let me try something,” Malia said, still frowning at the ground. Her skin shimmered as she transitioned into the astral plane. Ozone and berries scented the air as her snakes bled into their starry counterparts. A splash of the transcendent colored her face, and she screamed.
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2021.12.06 07:59 Btchmfka Are skins really so important to you guys?

I really hope that I will not receive a shitstorm here but thats just my opinion. I think the Halo infinite gameplay is really nice. It is a big improvement after h4 and h5 imho. There are some bugs that will probably be fixed soon but besides that I am really enjoying the game. Then there is the battle pass. It is indeed a joke and I would never buy it. But the solution here is easy: don't buy it and 343 will eventually change/fix it. For me cosmetics are just a nice to have feature but its not what gives me the fun. I have the feeling that some people are overreacting here and are going full nuts. Have no problem with rocking spartan grey or pepsi man until they deliver a more attractive battle pass.
So in the end dont forget that gaming is for fun. If a game only gives you anger then you are doing it wrong lol...
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2021.12.06 07:59 ReadDailyCoin Joe Biden's Government is Mining Bitcoin, Says White House Adviser — DailyCoin

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2021.12.06 07:59 Borednerdygamer #WPVIII - Manifesto Release

WPVIII - Manifesto Release You may now view the manifestos of the parties contesting the 7th Welsh Parliament election. Parties are reminded not to edit manifestos past this point. Attempts to do so will be punished and I will be checking.

Welsh Labour Party
Welsh Conservative Party
Welsh Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru
Welsh Workers' Party
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2021.12.06 07:59 Doombringer1968 Just had my best game ever 😊😊

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2021.12.06 07:59 Russian-Nationality Moscow Kremlin Churches in Russia

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2021.12.06 07:59 o1pa1 Requesting r/NFTstreetbets - Mod is inactive, I'd be willing to moderate it

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2021.12.06 07:59 ttstephenson It's now been exactly 70 years since the "Day which will live in infamy."

Let us never forget that day, December 7th, 1941.
Let us ponder the good that came from peace after the war.
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2021.12.06 07:59 Arlenzeno Site will be down for few hours

Long story short, the server provider has fucked up some things and we're trying to fix after them
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2021.12.06 07:59 frejir Will I be able to survive without a corporate job? What are some options?

Background: I am 25. And I graduated with a degree in accounting around August 2020 last year. Was unemployed until around October 2021 this year, where I started working as an accounts receivable associate.
And it’s like December 2021 now. And I have grown to hate the job. I am thinking of quitting tomorrow. Without anything lined up. I have to give one month’s notice according to the employment contract that I signed.
I know it will look bad on my resume. Which is why I’m sort of contemplating. But.. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s just gonna get worse. I’m doing the job with my 50% now. I can’t whole heartedly do it. I can’t give my all, because deep down, I feel like I am not learning and it’s all grunt work.
I wanna do something with meaning. I had a small business before and it made me really happy. Like, I had a purpose. But sadly, it was short lived.
Like Steve Jobs said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”
Now my only problem is… I’ve tried looking for other jobs outside the scope of accounting - e/g Marketing, Sales, HR… And I think to myself, like.. hey I actually don’t even want a corporate job at all.
Marketing and Sales are actually kinda out of the question as I’m not a persuasive person. HR, most of it dealing with people… Not something an introvert would be good in…
I am looking for an answer, but am I looking at all the wrong places?
With that said… Will I actually be able to survive without a corporate job? And also, what are some options?
Please advice. Like.. Please tell me if I should even quit my job?
Thank you so much.
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2021.12.06 07:59 meetaveerwani What is the difference between SIP and mutual fund?

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2021.12.06 07:59 ruckustata Should I buy BNB/BSC using Simplex on TW or send something from coinbase to changelly to convert to BNB and send to TW? Which has the smaller fees?

These damn fees. I just want to eat the dip and not use Bitmart anymore while I have 194m sfm sitting waiting to see if I get fucked or not. Most of my sfm is safe in my TW. The 194m were recent buys as the price dropped.
I used to buy XLM on coinbase then sent to Bitmart to swap it for USDT then buy SFM. I want to avoid this and send my tokens to TW right away or buy directly from the wallet.
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2021.12.06 07:59 Borednerdygamer #SPX - Manifesto Release

SPX - Manifesto Release You may now view the manifestos of the parties contesting the 10th Scottish Parliament election. Parties are reminded not to edit manifestos past this point. Attempts to do so will be punished and I will be checking.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Scottish Liberal Democrats
Scottish National Party
New Britain
Scottish Progressive Democrats
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2021.12.06 07:59 open_risk Episode 102 of EFF’s How to Fix the Internet: The Revolution Will Be Open Source

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2021.12.06 07:59 Shadow_Kolima What should I do?

Hi, I’m a 24 year old guy who lives in Italy. I have a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a one-year Master in Data Science. I started my job career 6 month ago with an internship in a Business Intelligence team. When I started I was excited and very happy to start this adventure but along the way I’m having troubles with different aspects of my life: - I don’t like at all the 9-6 schedule for 5 days a week. I feel very alienated to pass basically 5 days a week only working. - I’m not enjoying the work as much as I thought I would: I kinda liked what I studied, but this practical day-by-day implementation I don’t like it all. Working all day long only on technical problems is very exhausting for me. - I feel trapped because I’m struggling to figure out valid alternative solutions. I don’t have a clear vision of what I would like to do in terms of kind of work and this makes me feel disoriented.
Thank you in advance for the time you are spending reading and answering this.
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2021.12.06 07:59 urban_hedgehog West Lothian business park to become site of £2million film and TV studio

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