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C4NC3R0U5 L1GH7 - Had to take a stab at new ornament

2022.01.25 20:45 Wyvernjack64yte C4NC3R0U5 L1GH7 - Had to take a stab at new ornament

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2022.01.25 20:45 RockaRollaDC Indexes Continue Downtrend While VIX Keeps Increasing (percentages in comments)

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2022.01.25 20:45 MikeyBec Help me with some recommendations please.

Current cards: Chase sapphire $16,000 limit(raised today) opened January 25 2021 Chase freedom unlimited $1,000 limit opened 08/30/2018

FICO score: 729

Oldest account: 3 years 5 months

Income: $45,000

Average monthly spending: Food and drink: $600 Gas: $200 Luxuries: $200 (I know I don’t spend much and when I do it’s poor spending lol)

Open to business cards: YES!

Purpose of my next card is: build credit and raise my limits

No cards have caught my eye because I’m unsure of what best suits me.

And yes I’m ok with category spending

I want to start really building my credit and opening a bunch of cards because I eventually want to be able to get significant loans to fund some real estate investing. I want to have a credit card for:


I only have activity on that sapphire card because I have been using it to pay for my school directly and have been paying it on time every month. This is my last semester and want to only use credit cards from here on out and just set up auto payments from my checking account. Currently all my spending is on my debit card which is stupid. I am interested in AMEX, Discover, delta. Also may call chase and ask to go sapphire preferred and ask for a limit raise. Any tips and tricks on when to apply and how would be great. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 20:45 kel811 Benzo Kermit is fan a “fan” of Toe’s Cawlmedy

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2022.01.25 20:45 wongjasont So many jobs right now for Blockchain and Crypto

Was just looking around. Surprised by the sheer number of people wanting to build a crypto/nft/dex sites and integrations. Even trading bots.
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2022.01.25 20:45 NewsElfForEnterprise Why NextEra Energy Stock Tumbled Today

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2022.01.25 20:45 throwaway2837357 Do you eat ass?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 20:45 kai077 Snuggle fest 2022

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2022.01.25 20:45 Id3ntyD Guides for Progression

Hello everyone,

I am returning to pokemon go and find it very hard to fully understand (havent played since years) where we are at, but especially what to focus on.

Would you have any idea where I should check (maybe a fancy nice overview) on which pokemon to hunt for, so i can progress to the higher levels of play?

Would love to read anything which points me in the right direction. There are usually guides for those kind of games out there in mass, but i seemingly having a hard time finding a proper guide i can follow more closely and enjoy the progress on the way...
Also, how on earth do you get star dust, my pokemons need thousands to level up and i get 100 per catch :D

Help appreciated!
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2022.01.25 20:45 Bitter-Ride-1283 [WTS] Help me make even more bad financial decisions! Micro chest rig! Ranger green! WOW! (NY)

Looking for $125! I am losing a decent chunk of what I paid.

Does not include patch, mags, or multi-tool
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2022.01.25 20:45 Chin-Poh2 1/26 曇り

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2022.01.25 20:45 Flat_Exam_3245 Denied disability

I applied for disability a few weeks ago for my severe depression that’s been going on since I was 14. The amount of times I tried to kill myself this year because of work triggers led me to apply. I got denied, they didn’t even bother to notify me, I found out by my regular anxiety checks to the website. So I tried to hand myself this afternoon. And my boyfriend took me down and now I’m in the hospital. So without work, without disability what do I do?? Go die on the streets?? So it’s ok for me to lose my house and die in the streets, but if I kill myself it’s different? Please explain this to me.
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2022.01.25 20:45 madamsciencelady Advice for healthy dining hall eating (pescatarian)?

I live on a small campus that requires a meal plan. We have a dining hall and a grill (grilled cheese, quesadillas, fried food). I was vegetarian all of high school, but started to eat fish in college so I’d have more options.
I have noticed I am exhausted every day and anxious/sad a lot more this semester than I ever have been, and I am somewhat suspecting it may be due to dining hall burnout and the unhealthy eating that follows. I exercise regularly and sleep 7-8 hours a night.
I have a 14 meal/week dining plan and I cannot afford to purchase very much extra food. My dining hall has a BBQ, a deli, pizza, pasta, a small salad bar, and a stir fry bar, as well as a main line that changes what it serves every day. It is mostly comfort food (potatoes, pasta, rice, fried food), and there are rarely protein options (and I don’t especially trust dining hall fish). I go to lunch/dinner as breakfast is usually a very meager selection (I do eat breakfast every day, I promise).
Can anyone offer advice on how to eat healthier (without getting too burnt out on just salads)?
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2022.01.25 20:45 77R4PTOR Dear devs…

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2022.01.25 20:45 Eternal3331 Any bosses that you can only or efficiently do with melee/range

I can really only think of nex which is exclusive to range but I also heard that range is not very good until you have billions and billions of gp to spend.
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2022.01.25 20:45 Betty-Adams Humans are Weird - Doggo Fix

Humans are Weird – Doggo Fix Humans are Weird – Doggo Fix
“Greetings Commander Seven Trills.” Third Sister flashed her frill in absent greeting as the Winged flew into the base decontamination unit. “It is good to see you safely returned. How was your recreation period?”
The diminutive mammal grunted and fluttered over to drop his personal items on the desk.
“It was very, very human,” Seven Trills replied.
Third Sister laid her frill against her neck but didn’t turn her head to put him in her sight range.
“Yes,” Seven Trills hissed as he turned on the disinfectant spray. “Very human.”
Third Sister pointedly began tapping faster on her interaction consol; however the Winged didn’t take the hint. He stalked over to the hot air drier and rubbed his winghooks through his fur vigorously.
“The transport ended up going to Azure Seventh-flap.” Seven Trills went on.
Third Sister was beginning to regret the social protocols that required her to show interest in the first place but there were social expectations to be met.
“What is there of interest on Azure Seventh-flap?” She asked.
“There is a human recreation resort,” Seven Trills explained. “Human Friend Helen informed us that it was a type of ancient, pre-mechanical age, sporting area that allowed humans to get as close to flight as their thick boned bodies allowed.”
“That would seem interesting to a Winged,” Third Sister murmured.
“One would think,” Seven Trills clicked out. “She really pressed for it, even after I pointed out that even on the equator the main bases existed below the freezing point of water for ninety percent of the local year.”
“Ah,” Third Sister flicked her frill in recognition. “Yes, that is the planet that nearly killed the Cold-blooded Ones when they sent an expedition. I saw the images at the University. Isn’t the surface constantly covered in crystallized water?”
“Yes, snow,” Seven Trills replied. “That is the main attraction. The unique surface tension and low density is what provides the conditions that allow humans to mimic flight.”
“But your body mass is so low,” Third Sister observed with a dissatisfied click, “that even with a proper internal thermostat you would lose your heat so quickly that you might as well be a cold blood.”
“Oh we knew it,” Seven Trills said with a grimace as he flapped up to rest on her shoulder.
Third Sister held out her frill in stiff indignation but Seven Trills seemed to only take it as a invitation droop against her neck. She reminded herself that he had been in the company of humans.
“Why did you not simply outvote her?” Third Sister asked.
“She was so eager,” Seven Trills explained with a tiny sigh. “And we thought we would be able to get some amazing data on the human flight neural circuit to sell to the College of Mammalian Psychology.”
“Did they accept the data?” Third Sister asked, her interest reviving again.
“We didn’t get any,” Seven Trills said pressing his sensory horns into her outer membrane.
“Was she unable to participate due to injury?” Third Sister asked in concern.
“She hates skiing,” Seven Trills informed her. “She always has. The activity not only holds no attractions for her, she actively discourages other humans from participating in it.”
“Why did she wish to go to a planet with no other form of recreation?” Third Sister demanded.
“Do you remember why the Cold-blooded Ones didn’t die on Azure Seventh-flap?” He asked.
“The human expedition saved them,” Third Sister replied. “Ah, did she wish to go for historical pride?”
“Do you remember how the humans saved them?” Seven Trills pressed.
“I do not,” Third Sister answered. “I am not a memory keeper.” She paused. “I think it had something to do with human having a superior transport device.”
“That was part of it,” Seven Trills confirmed. “The humans had sleds designed to run over the surface of the crystallized water. They were very effective but none of the high energy engines worked due to the unique electromagnetic fields on the planet, and no combustion engine would ignite in the atmosphere.”
“So how did the human’s solve that problem?” She asked.
Seven Trills flipped over and pointed a personal projector at the wall. He activated it and Third Sister clicked in surprise.
“I have seen those at the main University,” she said. “But never this variation. An entire species dedicated to transport. Fascinating, I thought them medical aids and message carriers at best.”
“Only this variation,” Seven Trills began, “this breed is dedicated to transport we learned.”
“But what does their presence have to do with Human Friend Helen going to a base with no form of recreation she enjoys?” Third Sister asked, getting tired of being a couch for the winged.
“She said,” Seven Trills said with a groan, dropping one wing over his eyes, “that she desperately needed a doggo fix and huskies would do as well as any other doggo.”
“Do you?” He suddenly took off and darted around the room at mad vectors. “Do you have any idea how much they drool?”
Third Sister began to back out of the room.
“Or how hard it is to get drool out of fur?” he demanded. “Human Friend Helen laughed but skin can be washed in cold weather! Fur-“
The rant cut off as Third Sister slipped into the corridor.

Humans are Weird​Book Series Amazon (Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook) Barnes & Nobel (Nook, Paperback, Audiobook) Powell's Books (Paperback) Walmart (Paperback) Kobo by Rakuten (ebook and Audiobook) Google Play Books (ebook and Audiobook) Please Leave Reviews on the Newest Book!
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2022.01.25 20:45 Visoppee Ironman Training - You're long run distance......for the 4.5hr to 5.5hr IM run times

Just a curious question for the "slower" IM runners out there who are aiming for a 4.5hr to 5.5hr run time in their Ironmans. The fast IM runners typically don't have an issue getting 30km easy training runs out in 2.5hrs, but for us slower runners, getting over 30km in training during my long easy runs typically takes 3-4hrs. Alot of coaches say any running over 2.5hrs is typically too hard on the body, takes too long to recover, and impacts training too much. So how does your long run progression look during training and how does your race go?
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2022.01.25 20:45 weeb_reaper I knew the holo males don’t get as much attention as the girls, but this is ridicules

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2022.01.25 20:45 ghcdggT7 Why are our mounted posters not sticking to the board?

Had multiple customers bring in mounted posters we made that had begun to peel off the foam board. Even the redos fell apart after a day or so. I had the poster laminator machine set to 270 degrees and 2 speed. Either our machine, technique or foam boards are defective. I didn’t leave any foam bleed which could be a factor. Also, we’ve been using a rubber band to hold the thickness lever in place. Any clues?
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2022.01.25 20:45 gamethread-scraper Game Thread: Dallas Stars (21-16-2) at New Jersey Devils (15-20-5) - 25 Jan 2022 - 07:00PM EST (x-post /r/hockey)

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2022.01.25 20:45 PrinceAlienFox It has officially been 4 years

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2022.01.25 20:45 RevScorp Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough Part 2 Against All Odds PC

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2022.01.25 20:45 WoozersThatsCrazy86 Alright I hit a curb but in good reasoning

So I'm 35, drive a 2012 Honda Accord Ex sedan with a 4 banger in it. Dad always taught me while driving it sudden loss of control happens on black ice, stay calm, know your surroundings your sliding brakes won't do shit except slide, let off the gas and hold tight, don't get cocky with attempting to steer and do everything possible without hitting another car, or person or end up 15 feet into someone's yard, hit the curb, it will slow you down and it will cause damage but you avoid a lot of the other stuff.
Well did just that, paid off at 1130 at night when you can't see the black ice tell you're either lucky that it's short or curb.
Smacked the passenger front wheel. Tire side is in good shape, (I'm mechanically inclined) so guessing by the drive home of a wild shaking and off center steering wheel I likely bent the tie rod end, rim, and possibly trashed the inner tie rod.
Now knowing parts stores I can grab all of these parts but never dealt with any of the inner parts just the outer tie rod ends. Count threads while taking off, I'll need a new one, now out of the major top auto parts stores do they have in their rent a tool programs the inner tie rod tool and key to break it loose? Watched a few YT videos place key backside of potion then place a wide bar around the inner tie rod, use breaker bar to break loose then reverse with a few steps (punch the nut on the back end etc and I can probably pull specs for tq. Replace tie rod end by rotation numbers taken off and then head right on to get an alignment before even driving the thing anymore than a few miles, rack doesn't seem to leak, no loud noises from the pump... No lose of fluid from the pump or system.. etc. Sucky part the rim I'll figure that out and at least move it to the passenger rear but it'll likely need replaced or I'm going to eat up tires.
Anything I'm missing? Sound like I'm on the right track? Obviously when the tire is off it's getting a full spray down of soapy water and inspection for any cracks regardless if the tire is inspected good.
Meanwhile I'll be out in the unheated garage during the coldest snap of winter here in Indiana. Woohoo.
Any pointers, Honda guys etc. It's all appreciated. Might just let the thing run for 20 minutes then pull it in and close the door and pop the hood, and plug the electric heater in. Because 0 on a slab God doesn't sound good.
Much appreciated! Seriously!
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2022.01.25 20:45 Zubizubabaya Now that I'm back in construction. The gap between me and the average Schizo is widening far. I was getting chewed out even during psychosis. If the elements and people can't stop me, you think my mind will? Bahaha I can't relate to helplessness sorry.

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2022.01.25 20:45 IndustrialHippy Virtual, Online & Apps- Help!

To start: I (33f) am a very busy FT single mom with dx’d ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, etc. I also have issues with social anxiety.
I have health insurance and I see a psychiatric provider for meds/med check and the whole shebang. I have been in talk therapy on off most of my life but insurance makes a game out of what kind and how many visits before it assumes “you will be cured after this amount.” Ridiculous.
I want to know if anyone has experience with these online, virtual or app therapies such as Cerebral, BetterHelp, TalkSpace, LemonAid, Sanvello, etc- there are a ton and I know I haven’t heard of them all.
So what I guess I’m asking is if any users can answer any of these questions:

  1. Have you tried any virtual or app therapy?
  2. What kind of therapies do they provide? (Actual talk therapy vs psychiatric, diagnosis through psychometrics, video/text/email/phone calls, availability/requirements, group, types of disorders or mental health treated, types of therapies such as CBT/DBT, etc etc)
  3. What is your review of the platform?
  4. Did they accept insurance or allow you to submit it to your insurance after pay?
  5. Is it convenient?
  6. Was it helpful? What was your experience?
Yes, I’m aware some of these kind of tie in with each other, but some of them I wanted to be specific about.
Answering any or all of these would so helpful for me, as I have done my research but the info isn’t always clear- plus I would rather hear from actual people and not articles since you can’t always trust the motivation behind them.
Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you know.
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