Everyone would be nice to each-other if we all knew each-other. But since everyone doesn’t know each-other, we all argue.

2022.01.25 19:35 Redditor101354 Everyone would be nice to each-other if we all knew each-other. But since everyone doesn’t know each-other, we all argue.

I mean think about it.
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2022.01.25 19:35 RedSmileGroup #family #parents #parenting #kids #love #life #mom #dad #happy #friends #travel #sister #girls #boys #grandma #grandpa #bf #gf #party #partygirl #onelove #meme #mentalhealthmatters #socialmediaisnotreallife #jomo #firstworldproblems

#family #parents #parenting #kids #love #life #mom #dad #happy #friends #travel #sister #girls #boys #grandma #grandpa #bf #gf #party #partygirl #onelove #meme #mentalhealthmatters #socialmediaisnotreallife #jomo #firstworldproblems submitted by RedSmileGroup to RedSmileGroup [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 19:35 Sirrefice Okay but how do you use emotes on PC?

I’ve tried every way I’ve seen online but it just says I can’t do them no matter where I am. 😰
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2022.01.25 19:35 HelloFuckinKitty My personal goofball ~ Goose.🤍

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2022.01.25 19:35 Iandyiwarren Every time. [OC].

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2022.01.25 19:35 Brittann2525 Another one in Denver down 😞

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2022.01.25 19:35 iLuvDarkHumor 23M EST USA looking to make long term new friends

Hey! So a little bit about myself;
I love photography and taking photos. I take photos of everything like buildings, food, and anything looks nice.
I love dark humor as the name suggests (Anthony Jeselnik is my fav)
I watch anime (fantasy or basically anything with magic)
I watch movies (usually sci fi, action)
I LOVE metal, rock, and house (i mostly listen to anything that i like)
I love skulls. I used to have 10+ Rings and now have 3 rings.
I used to watch garbage reality shows.
I recently started collecting. I love garage sales and thrift stores because you never know
what you can find there.
I'm not into gaming but i used to. Sorry.

Please, if you send a chat request, start with telling a little bit about yourself.

Fun facts;
I've never broken a bone.
I love metal so much, i even listen to metal to calm down.
I like to do research about anything even if it's useless.
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2022.01.25 19:35 trueworldnews Sa mpelqen pergjigjja kti burrit, dhe aj xhaxhi nfund "po tkujt jeni mo" 😂😂😂 [/u/imortalsolidgg]

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2022.01.25 19:35 cein332 I know college is hard out there, and times are hard. If anyone need $10 dm me or comment your phone number. Chime has a referral program going and if you sign up you get $10. It’s not much but enough to eat for the day.

I know college is hard out there, and times are hard. If anyone need $10 dm me or comment your phone number. Chime has a referral program going and if you sign up you get $10. It’s not much but enough to eat for the day. submitted by cein332 to college [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 19:35 ketaking1976 Potential efficacy of pramipexole - major pper-reviewed studies concur

At the end of the study period of 9 weeks on an average, the mean dosage of pramipexole was 1.0+/-0.6 mg/d (range 0.3 to 4.2). Frequency of depression (moderate to severe: 6.8%, mild: 37.6%) and anhedonia (25.5%) as well as motor deficits were significantly reduced during treatment with pramipexole. Drop-outs due to adverse events occurred in 3.5%. Future studies should investigate specificity of anti-anhedonic and antidepressive properties of pramipexole.
Also, in chronic and severe treatment-resistant depressed patients, including bipolar disorder, pramipexole at high doses has shown promising response (Fawcett et al, 2016). The selective expression of D3 receptors in the mesolimbic projection areas including the nucleus accumbens makes this dopamine receptor a promising target to overcome treatment-resistant depression where anhedonia symptoms may be perpetuated by inflammatory cytokines, such as in severe medical conditions with known increased levels of inflammation.
Although preclinical studies suggested that pramipexole has antidepressant activity (2426), Goldberg et al. (27) were the first to report on pramipexole’s efficacy in unipolar and bipolar depression. The first randomized controlled trial in patients with non-treatment-resistant major depressive disorder, by Corrigan et al. (28), evaluated three dosages of pramipexole. The lowest dosage (0.375 mg/day) did not differentiate from placebo. The efficacy of the highest dosage (5.0 mg/day) was not evaluable, because of a 58% attrition rate. The third dosage (1.0 mg/day) was more effective than placebo.
Recently, Cusin et al. (6) compared adjunctive pramipexole with placebo in an 8-week randomized double-blind trial with 60 outpatients with major depression for whom at least one adequate antidepressant medication trial (mean, two trials) had failed. Although a modest statistically significant benefit of pramipexole over placebo was detected, neither the response rates (40% compared with 33%) nor the remission rates (27% compared with 23%) differed significantly between groups. Dosages were modest (mean=1.35 mg/day; maximum=2.0 mg/day). The literature as a whole suggests a modest effect of pramipexole in non-treatment-resistant to mildly treatment-resistant depression.
Overall, 76% of the patients showed a meaningful clinical response that persisted,
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2022.01.25 19:35 Redwood_84 Loving the new buddy system in battlegrounds. Not loving quitters.

When your opponent leaves and you don't get to see your last round make a 10,332,672 attack dragon. Feeling robbed.
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2022.01.25 19:35 CarelessOffice5301 Who know her name

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2022.01.25 19:35 PsychedelicMention "psychedelic drug" in /r/investing: Mind Medicine announced clearance to begin stage two trials of their psychedelic medication. Any thoughts on the psychedelic drug industry?

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2022.01.25 19:35 Paansarkija Old Ikea motion sensor to Philips hue lights?

So I have a older version of Ikea motion sensor and if I recall correctly, it had to be paired with certain light to get it working. Is it possible somehow to use them with Hue lights? I have the Hue bridge if that helps.
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2022.01.25 19:35 SpawnTrap71 Redirected to multiple websites

Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone here has heard about a website called wingfatgroup. I was looking up food related questions and found this website on the main page for my Google search. It redirected me to places like chpok, downloadit-on, thekolnews,forever stopper, AK.hetaint, and plarium. I get the feeling this was just a pop up malware since it ended up redirecting me to raid shadow legends, but just wanted to know if anyone here knows about these places.
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2022.01.25 19:35 snakedogman Free habits and addictions workshop by Dr David Burns (Feeling Good book and podcast)

I've been following the Feeling Good Podcast by Dr David Burns for a few months now and it's really fascinating.
He's got a free workshop coming up tomorrow (can follow online) about habits and addictions: https://catalog.pesi.com/sales/bh_w_058792_habitsandaddictions_burns-289912
Thought it might interest people here. From what I can tell from the podcast and his books, this guy really knows his stuff and is at the cutting edge of the development of effective new psychotherapy methods building on the foundations of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It's meant for therapists but also for the general public I believe. You can register for free.

Learn how to overcome habits and addictions for your clients – and yourself -- just as David Burns, MD, has successfully done in thousands of therapy sessions through his storied career.
In this interactive, FREE presentation, Dr. Burns will reveal new and innovative techniques to break the chain of habits and addictions … taking you step by step to master these powerful, paradoxical practices.
Dr. Burns is a pioneer in the development of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), creator of the new TEAM-CBT, and author of the legendary psychotherapy books, Feeling Good and Feeling Great.
Don’t miss this FREE opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most highly acclaimed psychiatrists and teachers.
As a special bonus, you can ask the expert following the event, and participate in one of David’s legendary Q&A sessions.
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2022.01.25 19:35 IcyAstronaut1 Why can't the pneumococcal vaccines PPV23 and PCV13 be administered together?

Or shortly apart (like a few days). What bad things happen if they are?
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2022.01.25 19:35 akefaloskavalaris Ένα λεκτικό γλυπτό με τίτλο "Γιατί δεν έχετε φύγει ακόμα από την Ελλάδα;"

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2022.01.25 19:35 krakenrabiess My boyfriend spends alot of money on me and I can't do the same

My bf and I have been together for almost a year and I'm finally in a place where I'm becoming stable financially but I'm gonna have to start saving practically all my money for a new car over the next year. My bf probably spends Atleast $100+$200 a week on me between food, alcohol, and vape juice sometimes and random shit. His bills are considerably lower than mine and he says it's not a problem but I still feel bad. whenever he wants to get food I've tried suggesting cheaper options but we always end up blowing $50+ on Mexican or some shit. I've tried my best to budget but between medical bills, vet bills, and just the shit life throws at me I rarely have spare money but I make sure bills are taken care of. I just feel guilty. He goes to the bar a few times a month and usually spends $100 each time and I could never do that. I've stopped going out with him because I was tired of him spending so much money on me but it makes me feel bad I don't have spare money like that. I wanna spoil my partner but I just can't. Does anyone else feel this way?
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2022.01.25 19:35 Theclubdrug F19 ♥*♡∞。hi there。:∞♡*♥

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2022.01.25 19:35 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Abby Opel

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2022.01.25 19:35 Klaasie765 G-Power’s G8M Hurricane RR BMW M8 With 900 Hp [1920x1040]

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2022.01.25 19:35 jumpillcatchu Nata Lee Playing Pool

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2022.01.25 19:35 i_fuckd_ur_mother I am hernando and I’m scared of nothing 😎

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2022.01.25 19:35 Bigblur05 I came across this post, and I am not surprise at all that Polylauncher is the favoured launchpad on Polygon 👼 Accumulating $ANGEL on this market condition is one of the best things to do!!!

I came across this post, and I am not surprise at all that Polylauncher is the favoured launchpad on Polygon 👼 Accumulating $ANGEL on this market condition is one of the best things to do!!! submitted by Bigblur05 to CryptoMoon [link] [comments]